Christianity promotes fellowship. The Marriage Club, a new development in the Seattle metropolitan area, plans to extend the boundaries of the typical Christian community and offer an opportunity for various recreational activities, as well as educational opportunities through seminars. Though the club will specifically target the local Christian community, Christianity will not be a requirement for membership.


Built on 45.3 acres, The Marriage Club is a membership club where couples can interact and socialize. The club will house a dance club, restaurant, bowling alley, billiard room, wedding chapel, theater, fitness facility, hotel, beauty salon, barbershop, and a 5,000-seat concert hall. There will also be a children’s daycare and activity zone in the facility. A gas station on the grounds will offer members and hotel guests the opportunity to have car detailing, oil changes, and engine tune-ups during the member’s time at the club.


The Marriage club will be strictly membership-based. While visitor passes will be available to show potential new members the club, the Club will encourage annual membership. Four different membership levels are available. The details of these memberships are outlined below:











• Facility Access
• Book Store
• Clothing Store
• Coffee Shop
• Flower Shop
• Gift Shop
• Jewelry Store
• Lingerie Shop
• Banquet Room
• Lounge
• Barber Shop
• Beauty Salon
• Billiards Room
• Bocce Court
• Bowling Alley
• Bridal Lounge
• Car Detailing
• Child Care Services
• Concerts
• Dance Club
• Game Room
• Gas Station
• Hotel
• Limousine Service
• Meeting/Board Room
• Oil & Lube/Tune-up Service
• Prayer & Praise Room
• Restaurant
• Roller Skating Rink
• Spa
• Sports Bar




• All Basic Services included
• One Complete Car Detail
• One Free Concert (2 passes per concert)
• Two nights in Guest Room*
• Access to 24 hour Gym & Fitness Center





• All Basic Services included
• Access to 24 hour Gym & Fitness Center
• Two Free Concerts (2 passes per concert)
• Two Complete Car Details
• Two Nights Guest Luxury Suites*
• One His & Her Spa Treatment (two hours)






• All Basic Services included
• Access to 24 hour Gym & Fitness Center
• Three Free Concerts (two passes each concert)
• Three Complete Car Details
• Two Nights Honeymoon Suite or 1 Night Anniversary
Suite includes flowers and non-alcoholic champagne
• One His & Her Spa Treatment (two hours)
• One Limousine Service (3 hours maximum)*



Join today for a new experience. Leave the world behind, come enjoy heaven on earth at... The Marriage Club








• Facility access